Eternal Childs

Trusting that the waves full of blue are
coming and going.

Knowing that my big red heart pulsates and speaks
gentle whispers of passion
to my whole body, forever until it can.

Finding peace in my wise gut
ancient stomach
intertwining of body and soul.

Crying over emotions and laying down on the green grass field of my dreams at night feels comforting. At the end of the day
I feel at home underneath my soft breasts.

There is a transparent hand on my chest trying to convince me that everything is home.
Everyone is home.

I can hear the deep blue raindrops falling on the dark grey asphalt of eternity
I can feel the winter making love to the summer
I can feel your being inside mine when you walk me home
I can feel the pouding of the universe when the palm of my hand touches yours

And I can remember who I laugh like the moment I write poetry.

We are so wild.
All of us.

Eternal childs.


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