What’s up with technology, what’s up with
our ways of communication what’s up with
mythology. I had a class once
speaking about heroes and goddesses and not one time
have I learned about our own

My hands are speaking
Not my mouth
When I pour my soul into the net
Typing a threat
To capitalism
What’s up with modernism
Brotherhood, sisterhood
Technology is maybe
beautiful. after all.

Can I please
hear my words spoken out loud?
There is no crowd but I am
performing. Speaking. Spilling pain
Into creativity. Come hear me.

Technology, today’s social platform
media embroided into honesty, dishonesty,
molesty, can we be real, for once,
on facebook timelines and instastories.
Can we be actual, can we be as if
there was no screen
Can we be as if
We could really be free.
Spit our pride away, throw it out of the window.
You are real anyways, not needing a phone to hide your
painful prayers.

Crawl through the window of your laptop and give me a slap
On the face, so I can actually feel
what it’s like
to feel your disdain, pain, forsaken
dreams. Beams
of light
coming through the pixels, tonight
crawl through the norm and give me a stack
of books, to read and to plead
for racism, fascism, capitalism to stop
tear us apart and give us your scarf
of honesty. Wrap it around our shoulders.
We need some comfort to see that we are not
alone. alone on our borders.

We think that rejecting modernity is the way we can go on and communicate
create a tighter society but maybe
we just need to let go of the control we hold in our white, colonial hands and
be humble.

Today’s teens, young adults, old adults, can make the world go round.
We hold the future of our species in our hands
disappointed by the ancestors, not all but some,
being put down by ignorance, daily
What does an elder know about the struggles of today?
Born with iPhones and raised with earplugs
We had to learn how to disconnect
to reconnect
to our purpose.
We had to learn how to rest, to fight back.

Grown up in a nest
of possibilites, commodities and worldwide shipping
Ordering bananas into Canada and drinking coffee in the snow
We have been sold a fairytale not long to behold
We gotta turn the omlette around if we want to actually

I am so humbled by today’s youth.
North America, South America, Europe, Antarctica and
the whole. wide. world.
we take each others’ hands and we know
what to
to make the future be bold
not sold
but to make it deep,


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