I’ve never been so proud of myself.

I have
seen not many things, just
a few.
I have seen what I have seen, if you know what I mean.
And having seen what I saw,
I had to cry and I had to laugh.

Success is staying in at home and feeling like all you want to do is staying at home.
Succeeding is having the most beautiful, kind and loving relationship with your Self.
Succeeding is developing that sense that makes you listen to your gut and to your inner Soul, and following it wherever it makes you feel loved and supported.
Succeeding is many things, but it mainly has to do with your Self.
Life is a matter of You, not Them. How You see the world, how You think it is, how You decide to live. Life is a matter of You. Succeeding is a matter of You.

Being enough for myself and by myself is I think the biggest thing I accomplished yet, the biggest lesson learned through the pain, and I have not finished learning, I am always developing and going to the next growth process.

I am proud of myself. So proud of myself. I have been many things and worn many faces but now I am so proud because I am what I am, and because I like what I am, and because I am not ashamed of my past, because even though I am not her anymore, I love all she has been. I love every challenge and every conflict. I love everything about my experience.

It is hard for people to understand you changing so quickly because it may not be like their own pace of growth, and it is hard to ‘fail’ people only because you don’t want to fail yourself, it is hard to not fill in your loved ones’ expectations only because you want to stay true to your truth now that you’ve found what it is.

People are just not gonna comprehend. Your way and your path of growth and what you’ve been through to be who you are now, they just see that selfie on facebook or that blogpost and they judge not understanding YOU, but they are not supposed to. Who’s gonna understand, will. You won’t, will not.

Keep on walking on that line, you know it’s the right one.
That is succeeding. Succeeding at Yourself.


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