I figured

I have to take care of my cells because they are taking care of me!

All organisms are made of other organisms, smaller organisms.
Inside one organism is a smaller one.
One organism is the Mily way, for example, which is made of stars and plantes and all other organs. Take a planet like the Earth, it is an organism itself, which is made of different organisms like the hydrosphere, biosphere, litosphere and athmosphere. Take the biosphere, it is made of one species that is called human. Take one human body, Ariyana’s for example, and you see it is made of many small organisms: The stomach, the brain, the lungs, the blood vessels, the heart, the bones. Take the stomach, it is made by many more little organisms like cells, who are made of a nucleus and other things.

All organisms contain other organisms inside of them who have a life on their own. The Earth has a life on its own, and I, who live in it, have a completely different life on my own, which is dependant on the bigger organism of course, but I still have my own existence independently on the Earth’s one. Or not, maybe it’s just all connected because my health, life and mood is dependant on the Earthin fact. But one thing that is not is my free will and choice to move on her wherever I want. So the cell of my stomach, has its tasks and is dependant on my own survival, but has a span and space of free will and act of its own that is pretty independent on my will.
Free will gets smaller and more contained the smaller the organism is.
The cell has free will but it depends on me.
I have free will but it depends on the Earth.
The Earth has free will but it depends on the Sun.
The sun shines but it depends on… who knows what.
The Universe is an organism but it depends on… who knows what.

Wow! Aho :) <3


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